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A conscious approach to our lifetime enables us to live a more fulfilling life. CSS Insurance is committed to ensuring that the Swiss population deals with this issue more consciously. Because time to live is finite, but infinitely valuable.

Do you know myFlex product line?

The CSS product line myFlex focuses on your needs and is tailored entirely to your financial situation. It offers you a comprehensive and inexpensive addition to basic care. Thanks to unique, flexible options for choosing and changing, you can optimally adapt your insurance coverage to your current life situation.

Premium calculator
Helsana Prämienrechner

CSS Basic Insurance

CSS Insurance offers four different models for basic insurance.

With the standard model of compulsory health insurance, you have unrestricted access to your preferred doctors and can freely choose who you would like to be treated by.
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With Telmed, you first call the telemedicine consultation center before every medical appointment or use the symptom checker in the Well app.
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With the Multimed model, you contact your Multimed practice, call the telemedical advice center or use the symptom checker in the Well app.
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Hausarzt- HMO- Modell
If you have health problems, always consult your family doctor or the HMO group practice in order to benefit from efficient treatment coordination and, depending on the service provider, save at least 3% on premiums.
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CSS Additional Insurance

With supplementary outpatient insurance, you can insure outpatient services that are either not covered at all or only partially covered by the basic insurance.

Ambulant myFelx
If the basic insurance is not sufficient for you, you can supplement your outpatient insurance cover with other important benefits, such as spectacle lenses and contact lenses, contributions for emergency treatment abroad and contributions for outpatient costs at home and abroad.
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Alternativ-Versicherung myFlex
Would you like to do something good for yourself with alternative medicine? Then the additional insurance alternative insurance myFlex is your ideal supplement to the basic insurance. Acupuncture, osteopathy, homeopathy and other therapy options are among the tried and tested healing methods. Many consider it a valuable addition to traditional medicine. With the additional insurance alternative insurance myFlex, CSS Insurance gives you access to a wide selection of therapists.
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Healthy teeth are a valuable commodity. An annual dental check-up with dental hygiene is highly recommended by experts. But going to the dentist can quickly become expensive. So that you don't have to think twice about visiting the dentist, you will find the optimal dental insurance with us.
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CSS Hospital Insurance

Geniessen Sie Komfort, Flexibilität und vieles mehr: Passen Sie Ihre zukünftigen Spitalaufenthalte ganz nach Ihren Bedürfnissen an.

Spitalversicherung myFlex
Enjoy the flexibility of your supplementary hospital insurance, where you can freely choose the department depending on your needs (with a contribution to the costs). You have the freedom to choose your doctor in both the semi-private and private wards and can also choose the hospital of your choice throughout Switzerland. Benefit from the free choice of hospital throughout Switzerland or worldwide, the possibility of free choice of department and free choice of doctor in the semi-private and private departments.
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Helsana in a nutshell

CSS Insurance was founded in 1899 and has since developed into a significant player in the Swiss health insurance market. With an impressive number of members of 1.8 million in basic insurance and premium income of over CHF 1.6 billion in 2019, CSS is the largest health insurance company in Switzerland.

CSS Holding has now closed all subsidiaries, including Arcosana, Sanagate and Intras Krankenkasse, and integrated them into CSS. CSS now offers compulsory health insurance as well as additional insurance from a company.

In addition to the core business of compulsory health insurance (basic insurance) and supplementary health insurance, the CSS Group also offers other insurance products. This includes property insurance, accident insurance and individual life insurance products. The CSS Group therefore strives to offer comprehensive insurance solutions that cover the diverse needs of its members.

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