Household insurance and personal liability insurance

Experts agree: Everyone should have both household contents insurance and private liability insurance to protect themselves from financial consequences in the event of damage. Only the combination of these two indispensable insurance policies ensures comprehensive protection - and a good feeling of security.

Haushaltsversicherung und Privathaftpflichtversicherung

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Unsere Hausrat und Haftpflicht Kombi

Our household contents and liability combination ensures that everything in your home is in order.

The household contents insurance protects your treasures in the event of burglary, fire, water and broken glass. And private liability insurance is there if you cause damage to someone - for example if your rented apartment is damaged or if your four-legged friend commits a crime while away from home.



Our liability insurance protects your wallet if you have made a mistake. Because a mishap can happen quickly - and it doesn't always just end with a broken window. Whether property damage or personal injury: our liability insurance is there for you if you cause damage to someone.

Our services:

  • At home and on the go: Our liability applies worldwide
  • Tenant protection: We pay for damages that the landlord claims
  • Protection: We protect rented and borrowed items
  • Dog owner's liability included: We pay whatever your four-legged friend commits
  • On the bike and on foot: We protect you from the financial consequences if you injure someone in traffic
  • Optionally also damage to someone else's car: Our optional third-party driver insurance pays for the damage and the possible loss of the owner's bonus

Household items

And our household contents insurance protects everything you hold dear - from your bike to your laptop. It replaces your property in the event of fire and water damage, theft and glass breakage. Household contents insurance is not mandatory in most cantons, but it will help you sleep better.

Our services:

  • Your household contents in use are insured for their new value - i.e. the price you would pay today to buy your property new
  • Our household contents insurance applies to everyone who lives in the same household
  • In an emergency, first aid from experts is insured free of charge around the clock




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