If you want to treat yourself to alternative medicine, then the supplementary insurance 'Complementary' is the perfect complement to your basic insurance.

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  • Ideal supplement to basic insurance for alternative healing methods. Choose between three levels of coverage for every budget and need.
  • Comprehensive selection of Visana-recognized therapists, naturopathic doctors, and alternative practitioners.
  • Coverage of complementary medicine medications.

Insured benefits

Acupuncture, osteopathy, homeopathy, and other therapy options are considered time-tested healing methods. Many see them as valuable supplements to conventional medicine. With the Complementary supplementary insurance, Visana grants you access to around 50 treatment modalities and a wide selection of therapists.

Complementary medicine
You receive up to 90% up to CHF 10,000 per calendar year.
Doctors and therapists
Doctors with federal diplomas, naturopathic practitioners, and therapists recognized by Visana.
From Complementary II onwards, possible without a medical prescription. Complementary I requires a medical prescription.
Recognized therapy modalities
Recognized therapy modalities according to Visana's separate therapy list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which alternative treatment methods does Visana support?
Visana supports around 50 different alternative treatment methods. The range of alternative remedies and treatment methods is very large. But not all of them are reimbursed by health insurance companies. With supplementary insurance, health insurers can determine which treatments are covered and which are not. That's why insurers usually keep a list of the forms of therapy that they recognize and for which they cover part of the costs.
Do I need a doctor's prescription for certain complementary medicine therapy methods?
Visana will reimburse you for complementary medical services if the medical necessity is proven from Complementary II onwards. Preventive treatments are not medically necessary and are therefore not reimbursed. The treatment of many so-called mood disorders, for example stress, tension or fatigue, is also not medically necessary. If you are insured under basic insurance not through the standard model, but through an alternative insurance model such as the family doctor, HMO or telemedicine model or with Complementary I, its restrictive provisions apply (e.g. medical referral).
Are the treatment costs for complementary medicine deductible from my basic insurance?
No, unless it is a mandatory benefit of the compulsory basic insurance.
How and when can I cancel the insurance?
The minimum term is one year. The contract is automatically extended for another year each year when it expires.
You can cancel the insurance on December 31st and switch to another health insurance company in Switzerland. A notice period of three months applies. The cancellation must be received by your health insurance company by the last working day in September at the latest. If the insurance premium changes, a one-month notice period applies. We must then receive the notice of termination by the last working day in November at the latest.
Who can conclude a general partner?
You can take out the insurance if you live in Switzerland (official residence) and have a health declaration with a positive acceptance letter from Visana.