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Sleep more soundly with the right protection. Life happens while making other plans. That's why it's worth tailoring the basic coverage of your basic insurance to your individual needs. For your loved ones, for yourself. And for the peace of mind of being well-prepared for any unexpected challenges that may arise.

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Do I need a voluntary supplementary insurance?

Benefits of supplementary insurance - what is advisable?

Voluntary supplementary insurances cover services that are not insured by the mandatory health insurance. Each insurer specifies in its insurance terms which services it offers in its supplementary insurances. These typically include

  • Free choice of hospital throughout Switzerland (to cover any cost differences when receiving treatment at a hospital not listed on the hospital list of the canton of residence, without medical reasons)
  • Free choice of doctor in the hospital; a supplementary insurance is often required for treatment by an attending physician in a private hospital.
  • Additional comfort (e.g., single or double room in the hospital)
  • Alternative treatment methods, provided they are not covered by mandatory health insurance, and treatment by non-medical therapists.
  • Psychotherapeutic treatments by non-medical therapists.
  • Dental treatments such as fillings for cavities, correction of dental misalignment.
  • Contributions towards non-compulsory medications.
  • Additional contributions towards glasses, contact lenses, and contributions towards other aids.
  • Contributions towards household help.
  • Additional benefits for spa treatments and contributions towards rehabilitation treatments.
  • Additional contributions towards transportation and rescue costs both domestically and abroad.
  • Travel insurance: Additional travel insurance may be necessary, especially for expensive countries like the USA.

Also, note that sometimes different supplementary insurances cover the same benefits.

Should I cancel a supplementary insurance?

If you are convinced that you do not need a supplementary insurance, you can cancel it. A letter template for canceling the insurance is attached to this documentation.

Please note that a canceled supplementary insurance may not be able to be reinstated or may only be available with restrictions after a certain age (55-65 years) and/or in poor health conditions.

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