DENTAplus protects you from high dental costs. You receive contributions for dental check-ups, root canals, dental fillings for tooth decay, dental hygiene and wisdom tooth extraction.

Premium calculator
  • Cost contributions for dental treatments
  • Cost contributions for orthodontics and jaw surgery
  • Cost contributions for dental hygiene
You receive 75% of the costs up to a maximum of 300 francs per calendar year.
You receive 50% of the costs up to a maximum of 1000 francs per calendar year.
You receive 75% of the costs up to a maximum of 2000 francs per calendar year.
You receive 75% of the costs up to a maximum of 3000 francs per calendar year.
You receive 50% of the costs up to 1,000 francs per calendar year if the dental costs are less than 2,000 francs. If the costs are higher than 2000 francs, you will receive 80% of the excess portion.

Insured services

Helsana Versicherungen AG will reimburse you for the following services from your DENTAplus dental insurance:

Dental treatments
You will be reimbursed for the costs of dental treatment, dental hygiene, check-ups by the dentist, orthodontics (e.g. braces) and jaw surgery according to the option you choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need dental insurance?
Basic insurance generally only pays for dental damage caused by an accident - and only if no other insurance (such as the employer's accident insurance) covers it. You have to pay for practically all other dental treatments yourself. However, a visit to the dentist in Switzerland can quickly become very expensive.
Can I also get treatment abroad?
DENTAplus is valid worldwide. You can therefore also have dental treatments carried out in a dental practice abroad. Provided that the foreign dentist has equivalent training to dentists in Switzerland. You will receive the actual costs up to the amount you would have received for the same treatment in Switzerland.
Do I have to fill out a health declaration to take out DENTAplus?
Helsana Versicherungen AG generally requires a health declaration for all supplementary insurance. However, do not do this for children up to 3 years old. You also make an exception for the Light variant. You can complete this without a health examination or dental certificate.
Who can take out this insurance?
You can take out the insurance if you meet the following requirements:
You live in Switzerland (official residence).
You are younger than 65 when the insurance begins.
You will receive a positive acceptance letter from Helsana Versicherungen AG. To assess the risk, you will need your fully completed health declaration. However, for the Light variant and for children up to 3 years of age, you do not need to undergo a health examination.
When can I cancel the insurance?
The minimum term is one year. The contract is automatically extended for another year each year when it expires.
You can cancel the insurance on December 31st and switch to another health insurance company in Switzerland. A notice period of three months applies. The cancellation must be received by the health insurance company by the last working day in September at the latest. If the insurance premium changes, a one-month notice period applies. The notice of termination must then be received by the health insurance company by the last working day in November at the latest.
Is there a waiting period?
A waiting period is the time (from the beginning of a contract) during which you are not yet entitled to insurance benefits. The length of a waiting period can vary depending on the insurance benefit.
A general waiting period of six months applies to this insurance. This means that you can only receive benefits six months after taking out the insurance at the earliest. The date of treatment is crucial.
How can I save on premiums?
If you have two family members insured under the same contract, Helsana Versicherungen AG will grant you a 5% family discount on this and other additional insurance policies. There is a 10% family discount for three people or more.