Is your basic insurance not enough for you? Supplement your outpatient insurance coverage with other important services.

Premium calculator
  • 150 francs per year for glasses and contact lenses
  • Cost contributions for emergency treatment abroad
  • Cost contributions for outpatient costs at home and abroad

Insured services

We will reimburse you for the following services from the TOP supplementary insurance in addition to the statutory benefits of the basic insurance:

Foreign Protection
For outpatient and inpatient emergency treatment in EU and EFTA countries as well as Great Britain, you will receive 100% of the costs that exceed the benefits of basic insurance. Any foreign cost contributions are insured if they amount to more than 300 francs. Elsewhere abroad, you receive 100% of the costs that exceed the benefits of the basic insurance, although you have to cover the Swiss cost contribution (annual deductible and deductible) yourself.
Glasses and contact lenses
You receive 90% of the costs up to a maximum of 150 francs per calendar year for your spectacle lenses and contact lenses.
What does your basic insurance cover?
Children and young people up to 18 years of age receive 180 francs per year for their spectacle lenses or contact lenses.
Tooth misalignment corrections / wisdom teeth
Up to the age of 20, you receive 75% of the costs up to a maximum of 10,000 francs per calendar year for tooth or jaw misalignment corrections (e.g. braces) and removal of wisdom teeth.
Special forms of treatment
You will receive 75% of your costs up to a maximum of 3,000 francs per calendar year for special forms of treatment such as non-medical psychotherapy, sterilization, vasectomy and much more.

Transportation and rescue in Switzerland
In addition to the transport benefits of the basic insurance, you will receive a maximum of 100,000 francs per calendar year for your rescue, recovery or emergency transport in Switzerland.
You receive 90% of the costs of conventional medicine that are not covered by your basic insurance.
Transportation and rescue abroad
You will receive the entire cost of transport to the nearest suitable hospital.
Utilities and items
You will receive 90% of the costs up to a maximum of 1000 francs per calendar year for medically prescribed aids and items (e.g. blood pressure monitors, shoe insoles, etc.).
Health and foreign legal protection
You will receive legal advice and representation as well as reimbursement per legal case up to a maximum of 250,000 francs in Europe and a maximum of 50,000 francs outside of Europe.
Telephone travel advice
You benefit from free telephone travel advice from Travelcheck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need additional outpatient insurance?
With additional outpatient insurance - also known as supplementary health insurance - you can supplement your basic insurance and thus close important coverage gaps. They cover the costs for various treatments such as psychotherapy or complementary medicine treatments, but also contributions to fitness courses and subscriptions, medication, orthodontic or surgical treatments, rescue costs abroad and much more.
I'm traveling abroad for three weeks - is the TOP supplementary insurance sufficient for this?
Yes, with the TOP supplementary insurance you are adequately insured in the event of medical emergencies during a trip abroad: within the EU/EFTA, the costs for outpatient and inpatient emergency treatment are already covered covered by basic insurance. Because of the agreement on the free movement of persons, you have the same access to public healthcare (doctors, pharmacies, hospitals or ambulances) as the residents of the country in which you are currently staying. You only pay any statutory cost contributions that may arise on site.

In other countries, basic insurance covers costs up to twice the amount that the same treatment would cost in Switzerland. If the foreign treatment costs are more expensive - often in high-priced medical countries such as the USA, Japan, Canada or Australia - TOP will cover the excess costs.

In the event of an emergency abroad, please always contact our emergency call center at
058 340 16 11.
Do I need a doctor's order or prescription for my glasses or contact lenses?
No, provided the optician provides information about your glasses strength (diopters) on the invoice.
My child needs braces. Does Helsana also accept dentists in Germany?
TOP covers 75% of the costs up to 10,000 francs per year for correcting your child's misaligned teeth until they turn 20 years old. For treatments abroad, you benefit from the same cost sharing as in Switzerland. However, you will receive a maximum of the actual costs up to the price that the treatment would have cost in Switzerland. However, the prerequisite is that the foreign dentist has equivalent training to a Swiss dentist.
Who can complete TOP?
You can take out the insurance if you live in Switzerland (official residence) and have a health declaration with a positive acceptance letter.
How and when can I cancel the insurance?
The minimum term is one year. The contract is automatically extended for another year each year when it expires.
You can cancel the insurance on December 31st and switch to another health insurance company in Switzerland. A notice period of three months applies. The notice of termination must be received by us no later than the last working day in September. If the insurance premium changes, a one-month notice period applies. We must then receive the notice of termination by the last working day in November at the latest.
How can I save on premiums?
If you have your family members insured in the same contract, we will grant you a family discount. If you have two members or more you will benefit from a 5% discount on this and other additional insurance policies, and if you have three members you will benefit from a 10% discount.
Is there a waiting period?
A waiting period is the time (from the beginning of a contract) during which you are not yet entitled to insurance benefits. The length of a waiting period can vary depending on the insurance benefit.
In the case of maternity, a waiting period of 365 days applies. In this case, you can only receive benefits after the end of the first insurance year at the earliest.