Are you making an active contribution to your health? Cover your alternative treatments and health promotion measures.

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  • Cost contributions for complementary medicine
  • Cost contributions for prevention measures
  • Cost contributions for health promotion and fitness

Insured services

Helsana Versicherungen AG reimburses the following services from the SANA supplementary insurance in addition to the statutory benefits of the basic insurance:

Complementary medicine
You receive 75% of the costs for outpatient treatment. For inpatient treatment you will receive 100% of the costs up to a maximum of 5,000 francs per calendar year.
Health promotion
You receive 75% of the costs up to a maximum of 200 francs per calendar year for health-promoting exercise offers such as strength and endurance training in the fitness center (fitness subscription) as well as many other courses (aquafit, gymnastics, etc.).
Prevention (medical care)
You receive 75% of the costs up to a maximum of 500 francs per calendar year for preventive measures such as vaccinations, cardiovascular check-ups, ultrasound examinations, smoking cessation or examinations for the early detection of cancer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need additional outpatient insurance?
With additional outpatient insurance – also known as supplementary health insurance – you can supplement your basic insurance and thus close important coverage gaps. They cover the costs for various treatments such as psychotherapy or complementary medicine treatments, but also contributions to fitness courses and subscriptions, medication, orthodontic or surgical treatments, rescue costs abroad and much more.
Which alternative treatment methods does Helsana support?
Helsana Versicherungen AG supports around 70 different alternative treatment methods.
The range of alternative remedies and treatment methods is very large. But not all of them are reimbursed by health insurance companies.
With supplementary insurance, health insurers can determine which treatments are covered and which are not. That's why insurers usually keep a list of the forms of therapy that they recognize and for which they cover part of the costs.
058 340 16 11.
Which complementary therapists are recognized by Helsana?
Helsana works with a large network of over 14,000 recognized naturopaths and complementary therapists:
Complementary medical methods are used by doctors, naturopaths and complementary therapists . From the SANA supplementary insurance, Helsana Versicherungen AG reimburses treatments with therapists who meet your quality criteria and are therefore recognized by Helsana for the respective treatment method. You rely on selected, certified methods and therapists from the Experience Medical Register (EMR).
Which alternative treatment method helps with my specific condition?
The Helsana experts at the complementary medicine advice line will be happy to support you in choosing a suitable therapy and help you find a recognized doctor, naturopath or therapist.
Do I need a doctor's prescription for certain complementary medicine therapy methods?
Helsana Versicherungen AG will reimburse you for complementary medical services if the medical necessity is proven. Preventive treatments are not medically necessary and are therefore not reimbursed. The treatment of many so-called mood disorders, for example stress, tension or fatigue, is also not medically necessary.
If you are insured under basic insurance not through the standard model, but through an alternative insurance model such as the family doctor, HMO or telemedicine model, its restrictive provisions apply (e.g. medical referral).
Are the treatment costs for complementary medicine deducted from my basic insurance deductible?
No, unless it is a mandatory benefit of the compulsory basic insurance.
Which fitness centers does Helsana support?
So that Helsana contributes to the costs of your fitness subscription, please train in a fitness center recognized by Helsana:
However, Helsana does not only support training in the gym, but also contributes to the costs of various courses to promote health:
Who can complete SANA?
You can take out the insurance if you live in Switzerland (official residence) and have a health declaration with a positive acceptance letter from Helsana Versicherungen AG.
How and when can I cancel the insurance?
The minimum term is one year. The contract is automatically extended for another year each year when it expires.

You can cancel the insurance on December 31st and switch to another health insurance company in Switzerland. A notice period of three months applies. The cancellation must be received by your health insurance company by the last working day in September at the latest. If the insurance premium changes, a one-month notice period applies. The cancellation must then be received by your health insurance company by the last working day in November at the latest
How can I save on premiums?
Have your family members insured in the same contract; Helsana Versicherungen AG will give you a family discount. If you have two members or more you will benefit from a 5% discount on this and other additional insurance policies, and if you have three members you will benefit from a 10% discount.
Is there a waiting period?
A waiting period is the time (from the beginning of a contract) during which you are not yet entitled to insurance benefits. The length of a waiting period can vary depending on the insurance benefit.
In the case of maternity, a waiting period of 365 days applies. This means that you can only receive benefits after the end of the first insurance year at the earliest. However, benefits resulting from illness or accident are covered from the start of the insurance.