Health Insurance Premium 2024

Compare and save premiums. Now, basic insurance can also be easily taken out online with many partners. In other words, this saves you bureaucratic hassle. The health insurance premium calculator 2024 from calculates all health insurances in Switzerland. Simply try it out now.

Versicherungs Services
Objektiver Versicherungsbroker

Objective insurance broker

We are 100% privately owned, have no affiliations with any provider, and offer an unbiased insurance comparison.

Einfach & Transparent

Simple & Transparent

Insurance products are complicated enough. That's why we've avoided all technical jargon and explained the offers simply.

Beste Sicherheit für deine sensiblen Daten

Best security for your sensitive data

The protection of your data is very important to us. Therefore, we consistently use SSL encryption.

Anonymer Versicherungsvergleich

Anonymous insurance comparison

The insurance comparison is completely anonymous. We provide all services without hidden costs and fees.

Individuelle Versicherungsberatung

Individual insurance consultation

On the financial platform of, experts are available to assist you at any time.

Calculate your health insurance premium.

Compare health insurance and save premiums. Comparing has never been easier. With our health insurance premium calculator, you will instantly receive your individual offer for top-notch insurance coverage. Now, basic insurance can be easily taken out directly with many of our partners. This saves you time and effort. The premium comparison tool from shows you all health insurances in Switzerland. Simply try it out now.

Berechnen deine Krankenkassenprämie
Berechnen deine Krankenkassenprämie

Give your budget some relief.

The expenses for health insurance and other premiums burden the household budget. And that's not so bad, right?
Because we're fortunate to be able to receive benefits from insurance when we need them. But saving isn't the same for everyone. We'll show you the best way to do it. For example, paying an additional 30 francs per month can save you over 800 francs at the end of the year.

I should still write something.

No problem, we have the most important template letters ready for you. Fill them out and send them. Of course, we can take the work off your hands. Just let us know what it's about, and we'll take care of it. And, of course, it's on the house.

Berechnen deine Krankenkassenprämie